"In my point of view Dance is a universal body language which goes beyond all borders. We all have a body language in ourselves, which can be influenced by our origins or our cultures. To me dance expresses the notion of sharing and exchange of value, which allows us to communicate all around the world.

I like to teach dance, because it is also a way for me to learn again and again. Indeed, teaching helps me to understand more about life, as far as sociology and communication are concerned, by observing everyday my student. Furthermore by teaching I can find this notion of sharing, by exchanging and passing on my different dance qualities to my students. Just the fact to see joy and enthusiasm in your students eyes, can make your day! Finally I think it’s important to start to teaching young, because it allows you to find a better harmony within your body, and also to learn to think differently when you work with a choreographer."

Juliette teaches Contemporary dance and Modern-Ballet. She adapts her class according to the level and the wishes of the student. Juliettte’s contemporary class aims to search for movement qualities and musicality. She puts her emphasis on choreography .She warms up through a combination of stretching correlating with breathing and technical exercises to prepare the body to find its coordination, strength and balance. This guides the body to find its consciousness in order to move through the space and across the floor. Dynamic choreography follows, finding new colours, to challenge the body and to go beyond its limits.

Juliette’s Modern-Ballet class is a combination of Ballet base technique and modern elements, using lines and flow at the same time. She starts her class with a Modern barre inspired by Iwanson technic, introducing breath, spiral, release and weight, in order to build the body’s musculature. In the space, she works on different choreography, using lines, mixing turn out and parallel, and playing with different Nuances of energy.

Teaching In Tanz- Zentrale from Monday to Wednesday: ERICH-ZEIGNER-ALLEE 64, 04229 LEIPZIG