2 May 2022

1001 Leben on tour

Listaleypurin Festival in the Faroe Islands

Our piece "1001 Leben" is invited at the Listaleypurin Festival in the Faroe Islands. Listaleypurin is a school touring program, which aims to offer primary and secondary schools in the Faroe Islands a rich selection of artistic experiences in their school environment.

Choreography and concept: Juliette Rahon

Dancers: Alicia Varela Carballo, Robert Söderström, Katie Douglas, Juliette Rahon

Musicians: Léonard Frey- Maibach, Sébastian Jacot

Dramaturgie: Josephine Bock

Picture: Ida Zenna

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25 March 2022

Benefit Concert for Ukraine

Quatuor Arteli & Juliette Rahon

Arteli Quartet and Juliette Rahon are inviting you to our benefit concert to support the victims of the war in Ukraine. All donations will go to the organization Médecin du monde.

Thank you Les concerts de Lancy and Église Christ-Roi for helping us to organize this event.

22 March 2022

Un an avec

Projet pédagogique

Durant cette intervention nous allons enseigner une danse sur la bourrée de la suite pour violoncelle n°3 de J.S Bach. Dans un second Temps Léonard le violoncelliste de notre CIE leur apprendra différents rythme de percussion corporelle qui accompagneront plus tard des slams créés par les élèves.

21 March 2022

Masterclass Pôle Sup'93

Masterclass avec Léonard Fred Maibach

I'm delighted to teach a masterclass with Léonard Frey-Maibach to the Cello students of Pôle supérieur d'enseignements artistique Aubervilliers

8 February 2022

Un an avec ...

Pedagogic project

Un an Avec is a pedagogic project which take place in the city of Colombes near Paris. During the season 2021/22 Léonard the cellist of our Cie and myself are creating a piece about the global warming challenge with 3 classes of children. We will do one masterclass every 2 months in order to create a parade in the street and a performance on stage.

12 October 2021

Juliette Rahon & Co à Colombes


Our interdisciplinary company is performing on October 12th at the Colombes Auditorium, 8pm.

We were chosen to do an artistic project with 3 classes from Colombes (Paris region) during the season 2021-22. Our Cie will make severals actions throughout the year, and will develop a special performance with the students around music, dance and ecology.

28 July 2021


For the first time, Juliette Rahon will work with the Alma Malher Orchestra and the dancer Yasmin Schönmann on the creation of a completely choreographed new show called « Magicae ».

On stage, a chamber orchestra playing by heart, a conductor and a dancer will perform a show of a new kind at the crossroads of music, dance and theater, telling the story of a Sorceress (the dancer), her apprentice (the conductor) and the world they are trying to control (the musicians). Together, and through the music of Dukas, Stravinsky and Debussy, they will explore experience, resilience and a new form of harmony.

2 April 2021


Residency at Château du Guérinet

MAGICAE it's a collaboration between the chamber orchestra Alma Malher Kammerorchester and Juliette Rahon. The choreographer is making a choreography for 24 musicians, 1 conductor and 1 dancer.

Stay tuned this summer!!

21 March 2021

La Dernière Sarabande -ou l'obsolescence programmée-

Early Music Day International Festival 2021


We invite you to watch our online concert at the occasion of the early music day.

A music dance performance about J.S Bach Cello suites and the theme of the global warming challenge.


Juliette Rahon (Choreographer & dancer) , Anna Diepold (Dramaturgy & production), Yasmin Schönmann (Dancer), Léonard Frey-Maibach (Cellist), Sean Nederlof (Dancer), Robert ” Rawburt ” Söderström (Dancer), Jean-Baptiste Schwebel (Cellist), Clara Barbier (Singer) Victoria Voigt (Costume)

Photo ©zenna.de