13.10.2023 to 4.11.2023

John Cranko School

Shimmer Simmer

Restating Shimmer Simmer by Kinsun for the Dancers of the John Cranko School.

Premiere on 9. March

24.09.2023. to 22.10.2023

Rhythm'N Cello


A multidisciplinary piece for two tap dancers, one cellist and one pianist.

Choreography and direction: Juliette Rahon

Choreography and dance: Maria Busquets, Daniel Léveillé

11.10.2023: Florimont Geneva

22.10.2023: Théâtre les Salons

18.09.2023 to 7.10.2023

Arles Youth Ballet Company


Restaging Storm by Kinsun Chan for the dancers of Arles Youth Ballet Company.

Show on December 16th and 17th.

1 September 2023

Royal Swedish Ballet School _ Workshop

Kinsun Chan Repertoire

I will give 3 days of Kinsun Chan 's repertoire for the last grade of the dancers of the Royal Swedish Ballet School.

03.05.2023 - 08.07.2023


Opernhaus Zürich

I will be dancing in the production Turandot at Opernhaus Zürich

Music Direction Marc Albrecht Producer Sebastian Baumgarten Choreography Sebastian Zuber .

1 May 2023


Wiener Staatsoper

Choreography revival that I had the pleasure to work with The dancers of the Ballet Academy of Vienna State Opera. They will perform JIT by Kinsun Chan on the Matinee Der Ballettakademie.


26.02.2023 - 12.03.2023

JIT - Arles Youth Ballet

Choreography Revival

Since 2020 I am the choreography assistant of Kinsun Chan.

During three weeks I will work on the choreography "JIT" by Kinsun Chan, with the students of Arles Youth Ballet .

15 January 2023

La Jeune Fille et la Mort

A collaboration with Quatuor Arteli

I am creating a new piece in collaboration with Quatuor Arteli on Schubert string quartet no 14 "death and the maiden". It's a pluridisciplinary project for two dancers and 4 musicians.

Choreography and dance: Juliette Rahon

Dance: Mélina De Lamarlière

Violin: Claire Dassesse, Michiko Yamada

Viola: Jarita NG

Cello: Léonard Frey-Maibach

Concert 15th of January 11h, Conservatoire de Musique de Genève Salle Franz Liszt.


03.10.2022 - 21.10.2022


Choreography revival

During three weeks I will work on the choreography "JIT" by Kinsun Chan, with the students of the Ballet Akademie der Wiener Staatsoper.

30.08.2022 - 11.09.2022


Choreography revival

Opera by Giuseppe Verdi

Musical director Donato Renzetti

Producer Andreas Homoki

Stage design Wolfgang Gussmann

Costumes Wolfgang Gussmann, Susana Mendoza Assistant

Set designer Thomas Bruner

Lighting designer Franck Evin

Choreographer Kinsun Chan

Choreography assistant Juliette Rahon