La Dernière Sarabande - ou l'obsolescence programmée

"La Dernière Sarabande - ou l'obsolescence programmée" is a unique project on the occasion of Johann-Sebastian Bach 270 death anniversary. The ensemble wants to create a trilogy performance around Bach’s work connected to the global warming challenge in order to highlight Leipzig, city of Bach, and at the same time a city of nature. The group researches a way to create new variations of Bach’s full sixth Cello Suite, by combining several instruments together, as well as adding some cantatas from the composer. At the same time Juliette Rahon & Co analyzes, researches and questions the matter of the global warming, a collective global challenge.

To create this beautiful I will gather an international team of dancers, musicians and singer coming from Sweden, Germany, United States and France.

  • Juliette Rahon (France ) - Choreograph and dancer
  • Anna Elisabeth Diepold (Germany) - production manager
  • Yasmin Schumann (Germany) - dancer
  • Léonard Frey-Maibach (France) - Cellist
  • Sean Nederlof (USA) - dancer
  • Robert ” Rawburt ” Söderström (Sweden) - dancer
  • Jean-Baptiste Schwebel (France) - Cellist
  • Clara Barbier (France ) - Soprano

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