Verklärte Nacht / Transfigured night

Choreography:Juliette Rahon

Performer: Lou Thabart, Juliette Rahon

Musicians: Tristan Thery,Ustina Dubinsky, Anton Jivaev, Marina Druzhinina, Kajana Packo, Nicolas Defranoux

Music: "Verklärte Nacht", Arnold Schönberg

A piece, Inspired by the Poem of Richard Dehmel

"Two people walk through a bare, cold grove;
The moon races along with them, they look into it. 
The moon races over tall oaks, 
No cloud obscures the light from the sky, 
Into which the black points of the boughs reach. 
A woman’s voice speaks: 

I’m carrying a child, and not yours, 
I walk in sin beside you. 
I have committed a great offense against myself. 
I no longer believed I could be happy
And yet I had a strong yearning
For something to fill my life, for the joys of
And for duty; so I committed an effrontery, 
So, shuddering, I allowed my sex
To be embraced by a strange man, 
And, on top of that, I blessed myself for it. 
Now life has taken its revenge: 
Now I have met you, oh, you. 

She walks with a clumsy gait, 
She looks up; the moon is racing along. 
Her dark gaze is drowned in light. 
A man’s voice speaks: 

May the child you conceived
Be no burden to your soul; 
Just see how brightly the universe is gleaming! 
There’s a glow around everything; 
You are floating with me on a cold ocean, 
But a special warmth flickers
From you into me, from me into you. 
It will transfigure the strange man’s child. 
You will bear the child for me, as if it were mine; 
You have brought the glow into me, 
You have made me like a child myself. 

He grasps her around her ample hips. 
Their breath kisses in the breeze. 
Two people walk through the lofty, bright night."