Juliette is a sparkling and expressive dancer who loves to create poetic and playful picture with the support of the musicality 

Dance reel

Performance and editing: Juliette Rahon


Choreograph and Performance: Juliette Rahon

Staging: Kristof Spiewok

Sopran: Shira Patchornik

Music: Georges Aperghis , récitation pour voix seule n°9

Camera and editing: Tadeusz Tischbein

When a cello meets a dancer

Concept and choreography: Juliette Rahon
Cellist: Léonard Frey-Maibach
Music: Cello Suit No. 2, in D minor , Johann Sebastian Bach

Behind The Door 2013

Contemporary dance reel  in 2013 by Juliette Rahon

Directed by Marie Julliard