Choreography Artistic Directions

Since her choreographic debut at  the „Conservatoire de Lyon“, Juliette has always liked to get inspired by the body language of the musicians. She likes to transform the instrument, to include the musicians into the choreography, in order to search for playful and poetic pictures. Her artistic sensibility follows a multidisciplinary art form by merging dance with music, sing and theater. Her inspiration begins very often from the music emotions, which own a huge place in Juliette’s work. Indeed she is always searching and looking for new colors into the musical interpretation, which has a direct impact into the movements qualities. To Juliette is very important to try to take out the best of each artist’s talent with whom she works with. She pushes her team to rake risks, to explore the maximum their capacities in order to enrich the choreographic process.

In 2013 Juliette is invited to present  her piece “Jeux“ in Palamos, Spain. 2014 is highlighted with her solo piece “Metamorphose“, with which she is offered the chance to be guest choreographer in residency at the “Offene Studios“ in Tanztendenz Munich. She is awarded by the 2. Prize of the  choreographic Competition “DanzaFirenze“ in Florence, with her piece «Between Reality and Insanity». One year later, Juliette is invited to present her duet piece «Home Needs People» at the Einstein Theater in Munich.

The ensemble Juliette Rahon & Co was create in 2016 through the encounter between Juliette Rahon with Léonard Frey-Maibach and Gabriella Victoria; two musicians from the Gewandhaus Orchestra. The interdisciplinary trio was invited by the Werkstattmacher - LOFFT DAS THEATER Leipzig to present the piece „Nomade“. They decided to create for this special occasion the "harmonic contemporary dance", a new kind of contemporary dance. In 2017 Juliette wants to deep in the relation between movement and cello sound, and create the duet "When a cello meets a dancer" with the cellist Léonard Frey-Maibach. The piece about the J.S Bach second Cello Suites is invited at the BachFest Spiele Leipzig. In 2017 the ensemble present "Les Nomades" at the Oper Leipzig. During the season 2018-2019 Juliette Rahon & Co présent the piece "1001 Leben" a piece for four dancers, one cellist and one flutist,  in cooperation with the Schaubühne Lindenfels theater.