Born in 1991 in Lyon (France), Juliette is a performer, choreographer and  pedagogue based in Leipzig, Germany. She studied contemporary dance and ballet at Lyon’s National Conservatory, and graduated from high school with a Dance and Music Techniques major as well as art history and fine arts minors. At the age, of 18 she enrolled Madrid’s Royal Conservatoiry to improve herself in Graham Technique, ballet as well as improvisation.  Two years later, she was offered  the chance to join the professional education at «Iwanson International Dance School» in Munich, where she worked with international choreographers such as Caroline Finn, Patrick Delcroix and Peter Mika. In 2014 Juliette graduat from the Iwanson international school with an international Stage Diploma, and awarded by the Wuppertal TanztheaterPina Bausch scholarship .

Juliette has been seen performing in several international Theater and company such as the Opernhaus Zürich with Kinsun Chan, at the Oper Leipzig with the choreographer Rosamund Gilmore, as well with Claire Lefèvre at the Tanzquartier in Vienna and Teatro Sanbápolis in Italy, with the director Kristof Spiewok at the Schaubühne Lindenfels leipzig, although Malou Meyenhofer at the Theater am Gleis in Winterthur. Juliette worked as well with the american choreographer Heidi Weiss in Berlin and Hamburg for the pieces "Time Being" and "Themes and too many variations", in Leipzig  in the dance Theater « Wald » by Heike Hennig, and in Karlsruhe with Battleroyal agency. 

Juliette's choreographic debut started in 2013 when she is invited to present  her piece “Jeux“ in Palamos, Spain. 2014 is highlighted with her solo piece “Metamorphose“, with which she is offered the chance to be guest choreographer in residency at the “Offene Studios“ in Tanztendenz Munich. She is awarded by the 2. Prize of the  choreographic Competition “DanzaFirenze“ in Florence, with her piece «Between Reality and Insanity». One year later, Juliette is invited to present her duet piece «Home Needs People» at the Einstein Theater in Munich. In 2016 the young choreographer is in residency at the Werkstattmacher e.V. LOFFT DAS THEATER, to create her piece „Nomade“ in collaboration with two musicians soloist of the Gewandhaus orchestra in Leipzig. From this encounter with Gabriella Victoria and Léonard Frey-Maibach emerge Juliette Rahon & Co ensemble. One year later Juliette to deep in the relation between movement and cello sound, and create the duet "When a cello meets a dancer" with the cellist Léonard Frey-Maibach.  The piece will be invited at the BachFest Spiele Leipzig. In 2017 the ensemble present "Les Nomades" at the Oper Leipzig. During the season 2018-2019 Juliette Rahon & Co will present the piece "1001 Leben" in cooperation with the Schaubühne Lindenfels theater. In 2019 Juliette is the choreographic manager of the "Labirynth" project, a collaboration between the Diyar school in Bethlehem (Palestina) and the Waldorf Schulz in Rosenheim (Germany).

Besides her dance and choreographic career, Juliette is sharing a passion with amateurs and pre-professional dancers by teaching Contemporary dance and Modern-Ballet technique in Tanz-Zentrale and Baileo in Leipzig.

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