Concept and choreography: Juliette Rahon

Performance: Tim Grambow

Music: Extracts from „The Egg“ Emilie Simon

Metamorphose is a dance solo about  the metamorphosis of an animal, who becomes slowly a human being. The piece is focused on the evolution of the animal, and the different phases of the metamorphosis.

In the beginning this caterpillar is inside the cocoon. The first phase will be how to break the cocoon and arrive on earth. The second phase shows how hard it is to learn to move and walk on the floor. Once it manages  to stand up, it starts to become more and more human with still the strange sides of the animal. We can see how this evolution is hard and sometimes painful with the very eccentric gesture of the animal, who is torn between two metaphysical phases. It is insecure, indecisive, and we can see his trouble translated into contortions and explosions in a dancing way.

During the last phase, the physical metamorphosis has exhausted it, but it will have to make a last effort by learning how to speak by himself. The last steps of his evolution will be then the consciousness.